Environmental Cleaning and Disinfection Principles For COVID-19

Whether you’re a healthcare or a residential care facility, or any other entity either private or public, you need to ensure that you stay up to date with all the environmental cleaning and disinfection principles. This is of immense importance because each individual in our society carries a certain responsibility towards each other. This includes making sure that during the global pandemic you are playing your role of a law-abiding citizen by staying at home and adhering to all the instructions being laid out by the governmental bodies and agencies.

In fact, not only adhering yourself but also ensuring that others within your presence such as your immediate friends or family members are also adhering to the same environmental cleaning and disinfection principles for dealing with COVID-19.

When we speak about disinfection, we need to understand the importance of cleaning as that lays the base for essential disinfection. By doing so, an individual will be able to inactivate many disinfectants. By conducting comprehensive cleaning, you will allow the disinfectant to work and the cleaning will reduce the soil load. However, here it’s essential to understand that to deal with COVID-19 germs and the virus, its pertinent that you eliminate germs from all surfaces followed by thorough disinfection. There are several cleaning franchises in Melbourne who have trained professionals that make sure to clean all your commercial space beyond your expectations.

The coronavirus survives on surfaces depending on the amount of contaminated body fluid on it. This virus can survive on surfaces for several hours, however, you can easily disinfect it through proper cleaning. It is important to clean the following surfaces in order to stay safe:

  • Clean all those surfaces that are frequently being touched with a proper detergent solution.
  • Clean all general surfaces and fittings especially if there is any spillage.
  • Keep your focus on all hardpoints such as doors, windows, switches and hard surfaces.
  • Mop the floor regularly
  • Damp dust all surfaces and tables if needed
  • Wear a proper mask and gloves while carrying out the cleaning process
  • Make sure to also disinfect all the cleaning equipment when you have finished cleaning all the surfaces.
  • Wash your hands often and disinfect things that are being touched often such as mobile phone, computer, car steering wheel and the door handles.
  • Sinks and basins should also be cleaned on a regular basis
  • Walls and blinds should also get cleaned if there is any sign of dust on them.

Cleaning is the most significant part of disinfection, therefore, in order to control the further spread of the virus, make sure to follow the disinfection process properly. Removal of germ such as this virus requires thorough cleaning which is only possible through a proper disinfectant process.