5 Best Travel Bags and Luggage Tips for Kids

Travelling with kids is a clear indication that you are not going to travel light. This is because the toddlers will often insist on packing everything ranging from their favourite toys to several packs of crackers and snacks. But one trick you can use as a parent to make the luggage lighter is to get luggage that your little toddler will adore so much and be more than willing to carry it along with themselves. If you are looking for that perfect bag, you can get look for your kids suitcase at Sydney Luggage. They have a wide variety of bags for you to choose from, which will appeal to your child’s aesthetic and enable them to stay organized. If you want to discover the best kids’ luggage bags available and travel tips when travelling with your kids, then read along to learn the Dos and Don’ts.

Trunki Percy police car

Trunki Percy police car is specifically designed to be used as hand luggage, and your kid can pack all their favourite belongings while you are keeping them in tow. It’s made with the same lightweight but yet plastic that is durable and can take all the wear and tear an excited toddler can put on it. Its additional features include a secret internal pocket, a comfortable saddle seat for your kid and comfortable teddy bear seatbelts.

Lil flyer suitcase

Kids end up riding on top of the luggage anyway, which is why getting them a bag designed for that is the best choice to make. The Lil flyer suitcase consists of a padded seat cushion and foot pedals; light up wheels that are multi-coloured and a safety belt that will prevent your toddlers from toppling off. Additionally, it has enough room for all of your kid’s belongings.

Trunki Pedro pirate

Trunki Pedro pirate is the perfect choice for your toddler with the fantastic features they come with, including a secret internal pocket, plenty of storage space for all your kid’s belongings and a comfortable saddle, secure lockable catches, and a tow strap with a key.  Making it one of the favourite bags to consider when planning travelling with your kid.

Away kids carry on

Away kids carry on is made of a durable polycarbonate shell which gives it a longer lasting benefit that will last well past childhood. Its other features include an internal compression system and hidden laundry bag, making it easy for you to organize your child’s luggage.

Trunki cassie cat

Trunki cassie cat is one of the best bags you can select for your toddler because of its kitty adventures. It’s designed for travelling toddlers and usually ready for you to stick on the glittery fishy stickers and enable you to ride and explore.

Luggage tips for kids

If you plan to travel with your kids, below are tips that you should consider when packing your kids’ stuff to ensure a smooth time all through the journey:

  • Make a packing list of all the things your kid will need along the way, for example, diapers, cookies and toys and check off the items as you add them to the suitcase.
  • Place anything that might get wet into a zip-top baggie
  • Always set out complete outfits for your child
  • Pack pyjamas and toothbrushes at the top of the beg because they might be the first thing you need when you arrive at your destination


With the selection of the bags, it will be easy for you to select the perfect one for your toddler’s luggage, which will ensure to enjoy your travelling time and standing out in the crowd of the airports.