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Steps to Renovate an Industrial Warehouse


When establishing a new business, especially one which includes manufacturing or stocking of inventory, a warehouse is necessary for the storage of all those products. You could choose from old abandoned warehouses up for sale or buy a site and build a new warehouse. The former is more feasible and opted by most companies looking to buy a warehouse.

However, if you buy an old abandoned industrial warehouse, most likely you are going to end up with a dingy, rusty building, seemingly useless when bought, at a very good price. However, renovating an industrial warehouse isn’t that costly. At least, it is less expensive than constructing a warehouse from scratch, or purchasing a newly built warehouse.

This article has all the necessary steps you could take to renovate an industrial warehouse

Roof Improvements: Take a thorough roof inspection for any leakage and other roof damage. Better hire a professional inspection service to do that for you. A leaky roof can cause massive damage to the inventory and can cause accumulation of rain water inside the warehouse. If the warehouse lacks air-conditioning, install ducts along the roof for a maintained air flow throughout the warehouse.

Replace the Flooring: Any warehouse is likely to house tons of storage and have operational forklifts moving between the storage aisles. This requires a solid floor without any wear and tear or it could cause operational issues. When you renovate the warehouse, replacing the flooring is a great idea. Ideally use Epoxy Grout to bind the flooring in place since it makes the floor more durable, traffic resistance as well as waterproof.

Reform the Walls: If the walls of your warehouse require refurbishment, you can opt for a budget friendly option of tilt walls. They are not only cheap but quite sturdy. If you need separators in the aisles, industrial curtains are a good budget friendly option.

Shelving & Organizing Aisles: Another key to warehouse renovation is reorganizing the shelves and the aisles to maximize storage and easing accessibility. Consider the pattern of movement within the warehouse and designate lanes for vehicles or on-foot workers only. You must also consider the height of the shelves. High shelves pose a risk of accident if operated manually through a forklift. For a fully automated warehouse system, you could install an automated Storage and Retrieval System which will work just fine with a shelf of any height.

Lights Arrangement: For better warehouse management, appropriate lighting is extremely important.  Install floor mounted hanging LEDs across the length of the warehouse for a properly illuminated warehouse. You can get these lights for low cost at renovation budget stores nearby.

Specialized Storage Spaces: In addition to the aisles, create dedicated storage spaces for things which require special storage. You may spare a reserve dock for off-loading of inventory before the employees can stock it in the dedicated aisles.

These warehouse renovation tips will help you prepare your warehouse without breaking your pocket. You can also