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DIY Fitted Van Storage for Power Tools and Equipment


Selecting the best tool storage solution for your van is important. Regardless of whether you want it inside or outside the van, you will have numerous options for your van that can help you become more productive. Shelving is among the most overlooked commercial van upfits. They keep the van’s interior organized and will increase efficiency regardless of your business field.

Most users claim that shelving maximizes the storage space in their commercial vehicles, therefore eliminating the need of restocking continually. Put differently, your workers will remain productive the whole day. The benefits make shelving of vans a necessity for workers in all industries, particularly those who carry power tools, cargo, and equipment – including painters, electricians, carpenters, plumbers, painters, and others. Here are a few ways of shelving a van to improve its efficiency.

–          Use steel shelving

Steel shelves are durable, sturdy and long lasting. To reduce the installation cost of the all-steel shelving installation, go for a combination of plywood shelves and steel frames.

–          Install corner shelving

If you are one of the contractors who move with sheeting, large pieces of wood and any other material that requires plenty of storage space and you need the shelves to store your tools, you might need to consider corner shelving. That is a form of shelving situated at the corner of your van. You can install the shelf on the floor but if you want to preserve the valuable floor space for other tools, place it near the ceiling.

–          Add bins, crates, drawers

Shelves work perfectly with crates, drawers, and bins. They are ideal for very large tools and equipment, but if you want to keep your small items organized, you will need to consider drawers. Bins and crates are other viable choices when it comes to keeping the small items together because they will prevent them from moving inside your van.

–          Go for closed backs

Some shelving might come with a closed back. The closed back will keep heavy and sharp tools from striking your moving van and therefore prevents damages on the inside.

–          Consider locking doors

You can install a shelving system with a closed door. That will help secure your cargo if the need to take a sharp turn or to stop suddenly arises in your journey. A locking door will keep your tools safe if you happen to leave the doors of your van open.

–          Install hooks

Some people have very many tools such that they wonder whether everything will fit on the shelving. If you are one of them, try installing some hooks above the shelving. Hooks will allow you to hang the large items and store any small item on your shelves.

Apart from shelving, you can also utilize the external storage of your van. For example, the safest and easiest way of transporting a ladder to the construction site, a van roof rack is the best option. Most professionals would agree that properly functioning, properly designed and durable van racks are a great long-term investment.

A good designer will take the time to discuss the best storage solution with you. When planning for the storage, you should consider your budget and your needs. You should also think about the future.