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Why Investing In a Camera is Investing In Yourself

At times, you might need to go for the cheapest and available item. Some people opt to capture scenes with smartphone cameras only to regret a few months later. The data Apple provides shows that since the year 2013, the number of photos taken with iPhone exceeds those taken with any other type of camera.

Regardless of how you enjoy using mobile photo apps, the mobile phone camera has many limitations. Actual cameras are stylish, lowly priced and offer better results. Even though to most individuals it feels like an outdated style, here are the five reasons why investing in a real camera is investing in yourself.

Better self-aggrandizing

Low-quality photos of you sharing a meeting will appear like a chump. No one will believe you if you cannot afford to take decent shots. Most camera manufacturers know that most of the photos we capture each day are for posting on the social media sites and therefore they focus on ease of sharing and speed. Most modern cameras have inbuilt Wi-Fi and can connect to your desktop computer or smartphone for easier transfer of photos.

Take photos at night

If you have been using your smartphone’s camera for long, then you possibly know that darkness is its worst enemy. Including with the high-end smartphones, you will rarely get quality photos at night – that is if it shows something. Real cameras are not pocketable but they provide usable shots in both outdoor and indoor settings. With a camera, you will never make any embarrassing late-night photo when out with your friends.

Look like a boss

Today, only a few individuals have real cameras. Put differently, by carrying one you will be setting your apart. Purchase of a real camera is a form of personal branding. Most cameras are manual and require serious focusing skills. They are different from the smartphone cameras that require you to just point-and-shoot – they provide good-looking photos. Remember that no one would ever place his smartphone in his back pocket.

Get every detail right

Smartphone cameras are all-purpose but speaking of macro and zoom, they are terrible. Screw on lenses and little clips can help with the issue, but a real camera is a better bet. Digital zooming is simply pre-cropping – it tosses out the resolution to provide the zoom illusion. For great results, you need an optical zoom. Optical zoom uses moving lenses to make magnification. If you are worried about the portability, go for the portable Olympus camera.

Save the battery

When taking many photos with your smartphone, you should expect the battery to die after a few hours. In other words, you will have to recharge the battery several times a day. By using the camera many times, you will be damaging the battery without even knowing it. To avoid that, purchase a lightweight camera and upload your photos selectively using Wi-Fi or wait until you are at home to plug the memory card. With a camera, you do not have to carry charging cables.

The versatility of quality camera systems, such as those featuring moderate zoom and 3 lenses, is incomparable to that of any other device primarily made for other functions other than taking photos. To create impressive photos, you should go for a real camera.