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4 of the Best Alternatives to Timber Decking

Decking is a timber material attached to houses or other buildings, similar to a floor, that is capable of carrying some weight.  With a vast variety of decking options available in the market, timber decking has become a little outdated and most of the people are thinking of getting rid of it. The people that are thinking of building a house are preferring alternatives over timber decking. The available substitutes to timber are cheap, environmentally friendly, and attractive.  Some of the substitutes to timber decking that are strong, safe, attractive, as well as recommended by skilled ecological experts are discussed below:

First Alternative # Fiber decking

If you are tired of splinters and pests in the decking, then you need to try out the fiber cement decking. Try getting your kitchen remodelled using this variety and you will thanks us forever. Fibre cement decking not only saves the inhabitants form the danger of the splinters but also saves the decking from the problem of shrinking in summers. Fibre cements decking last longer and is cheap too. Also, one can contrast the colour or even the design of these decking with the building’s design and colour.

 Second Alternative # Tiles

The second alternative to timber decking tiles. The shiny, classy, and trendy tiles add more beauty to the building. Even though tiles are a little expensive as compared to timber decking, but they last for a lot of years, which compensate for their additional cost. Cleaning tiles make them look like brand new so they never look old. Also, no maintenance is required for tile decking. As tiles are made up of marble, they are a little slippery so, some precautions needed to be taken in this regard.

Third Alternative # Wood decking

Wood decking is another alternative to timber decking. Wood decking adds more beauty to the house, it gives the house a forest-like look and is environmentally friendly too. In many restaurants and public spots use of wood, decking has become so common mainly due to countless benefits it offers at less cost. Some certain decking companies like poliwood, use wood that is resistant to splinters, moulds, fungus, and pests. The wood decking when done efficiently require no or only a little maintenance. Though wood decking is similar to timber decking it still offers more benefits as compared to timber decking. Wood mixed with plastic decking is also very reasonable and efficient.

Fourth Alternative # Concrete Decking

The last, but not the least alternative of timber decking is the concrete decking. The polished concrete is capable of supporting more weight so is stronger than other decking options. Also, concrete is made up of natural materials like water, sand, and cement, so it is recyclable and doesn’t contribute to air pollution. If installed, maintained, and cleaned properly it can last several years. One disadvantage of concrete decking is that it is hard so falling or stumping feet can cause injuries, so for families with kids, it is not a preferred option.