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5 Office Design Tips to Increase Efficiency

Your revenues and profits are not only dependent on the skills of your workforce or business strategies, but also on how you choose to set up your office. Office environments have a huge role to play in boosting the performance of everyone working in the office. Even a janitor likes to work in a building that is nicely set up and less cluttered. So let’s talk about the ways you can set up your office in a way that it enhances your workers’ efficiency.

  1. Don’t Go for a Cluttered Interior

Don’t overload your office space with multiple furniture pieces. There has to be some free space so that the workers’ mobility is not affected because if it does, it is going to slow down the productivity of the business. Moreover, the design of the furniture should be as simple and neat as possible. Fancy furniture for offices tend to make the environment seem cluttered and this is a big no for any office around the world.

  • Select the Colors Wisely

Colours play a major role, especially in workspaces. Choose a range of colours that boost productivity and not make the entire environment dull or too bright. For example, it is not ideal to go for quirky colours in office unless it is your requirement. Even if it is your requirement, the colours have to be implemented sensibly so that there is no negative impact on the performance of the workers. Some great colours for the office include blue, green, white, and a pop of red somewhere in the interior. Green is implemented by placing indoor plants.

  • Recreational Spaces

No employee should be expected to work for 8 hours straight as it is not humanly impossible. However, their break time should be something to look forward to. There should be spaces where employees can go meditate, read books, or indulge in any activity that relaxes their mind. This way their mind is decluttered and they are able to resume work without feeling tired. Above all, your office should have a comfortable space to enjoy lunch.

  • Lighting

In-office, you cannot install lights on random spots. Office lighting has to be done strategically so that the employees can get just the right amount of light on their workstations. The quality and intensity of light is equally important because you are not meant to trigger headaches but boost productivity. It should be comfortable enough to make the employees stay in their workstation for longer.

  • Room Temperature

Apart from the aesthetics, room temperature also has a lot to contribute when it comes to maintaining the right productivity levels in the office. We have often seen employees shivering or catching a cold because of unnecessarily low temperatures. The temperatures should be adjustable so that the employees can set it according to the season and their personal preferences. Pro Tip: There are numerous commercial interior designers in Sydney who make effective office designs.