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Best Client Entertaining Locations in Melbourne

If you have ever been to Melbourne, then you probably already know that it’s a fabulous place with some chic street art and great rooftop bars. How can we not talk about the great and sleek architecture of Melbourne that’s worth a watch? If you are planning to visit Melbourne, then know that it’s going to be a great experience because there are so many things you can do there and so many places you can visit. If you look for a fine dining venue in Melbourne, you are going to find a lot of them and the food will definitely make your mouth water.

Now, if you are planning to take your friends to Melbourne or are traveling with your family or colleagues, then this article is a must read for you. Today, we are going to put down some of the best and most entertaining locations in Melbourne that you must visit at least once.

Tip: Don’t forget to take your camera because you are going to need it!

1-Federation Square

The Federation Square opened up in the year 2002 for the commemoration of the 100 years of federation. There is a contrast of open and closed spaces that you will find here in the Federation Square and believe it or not, you are just going to love it! More than 2000 events are organised in this space and no matter when you visit this place, you will always find something entertaining here.

2-National Gallery of Victoria

This is the oldest art gallery in Australia and it holds more than 70,000 art works in two different city locations. Speaking of art, here you are going to need your camera because this place is heaven for those who love photography. If you love taking pictures of yourself, just take a friend along and click some of your best pictures right in front of the mesmerising public art.

3-Escape Rooms

If you are in Melbourne, head to an escape room and you will have the best time of your life with your friends. Escape rooms are great for team building and bonding. What happens in an escape room is that you are given a time of 60 minutes and within that time, you have to solve puzzles, find keys and put your brain to action to find a way out of the escape room.

These are the three best places you can go to while visiting Melbourne. Other than these three, there are so many more places that are worth visiting. So, if you ever go to Melbourne, then make sure to explore it as much as you can.