What Is TAC, And How Does It Protect Australians

The TAC (Transport Accident Commission) is an insurance organization that is managed by the Victorian government. This agency exists to help individuals who get hurt or injured in an auto accident. To assist the injured person in making an application to the TAC, a TAC solicitor can submit an application on their behalf.

As per the Transport Accident Act (TAC) 1986, if a person suffers an injury or passes away due to a transport accident, then he/she is entitled to get compensation. When determining if the person is eligible to be given the compensation, the TAC will not give consideration to the fact whether the person was at fault or not.

How Does The TAC Protect Australians?

When a person is injured in an auto accident, they will no doubt have to pay for numerous expenses. If a person is injured in Victoria, the TAC will cater to their expenses. Below are expenses mentioned that a claimant can be entitled to as per the TAC no-fault scheme.

  1. Lost wages
  2. Nursing facilities
  3. Medical expenses
  4. Therapy and rehabilitation
  5. Attendant care

1 – Lost Wages

Once the claim is accepted, the person will be entitled to receive compensation. As the claimant is injured, he or she will be unable to go to work. The TAC will also provide compensation for the loss of wages for being unable to go to work.

The two types of compensation given by the TAC for the loss of wages are

  1. Loss of earnings benefits, and
  2. Loss of earning capacity benefits

2 – Medical Expenses

In order to avail the compensation from the TAC for medical expenses incurred, the claimant will have to submit proof that these expenses have been incurred. Normally, it is not that difficult to fulfil the medical excess. The claimant is required to give a “Medical Excess” form with all required documentation, for instance, the accident-related Medicare receipts and history statement for every medical expense that has been incurred.

If you are involved in a car accident at Mornington Peninsula, you can take the advice of a TAC solicitor regarding which expenses will be provided concerning the medical excess. Apart from that, your solicitor will also assist you in maintaining the receipts and record the necessary information to get full reimbursement.

3 – Travel Expenses

The claimant will have to make trips to the doctor’s office or hospital for treatment of their injuries. For that, the claimant will incur travelling expenses. The TAC usually reimburses the claimant for these costs. Some examples of travel expenses compensated by the TAC include:

  1. Travelling by a private motor vehicle
  2. Public transportation
  3. Taxi fares
  4. Airfares

Just as it is the case with medical expenses, the claimant has to obtain prior approval for their travel expenses before they are incurred.