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Simple Ways to Make Your Neighbourhood Safer

The close-knit community helped eliminate safety concerns in the past; people would stay out on the streets late at night, chatting with their neighbours, and kids would play outside for hours on end. But now that people live secluded lives, this feeling has disappeared, and with it safety concerns have increased. Here are some ways to make your neighbourhood safer and eliminate these concerns.

Get to Know Your Neighbours

The first step in making your neighbourhood safer is to become acquainted with your neighbours. If you help them in their time of need, they may offer to help you in yours. Have a way to contact them if you or they need to travel.

Maintain Your Home and Encourage Your Neighbours to Do the Same

Any suspicious person will be discouraged from looking for cover in your yard if it is kept up and your house appears to be well-maintained. Encourage your neighbours to care for their properties, including their yards. The crime rate will decrease significantly if your neighbourhood is clean.

Let Your Neighbours Know When You Go Out of Town

It’s crucial to let your trusted neighbours know where you are so they can keep an eye on your house. Offer to assist them in the same way.

Get Proper Lighting on the Streets in Your Area

Make sure the streets in your neighbourhood are lit. Most criminals seek the cover of darkness to commit crimes. If you can, keep your home well-lit in the evening as well.

Install Security Cameras Around Your House

If you can’t get a security system installed for your neighbourhood, the next best thing is to install it in your house. Security cameras looking out on the street can help spot any suspicious person in your area and deter criminal activities.

Participate in the Neighbourhood Watch

If there is no neighbourhood watch, take inspiration from the leader of Robin St Martin and create one with all your neighbours. But if there is one, you can simply join it and patrol the area. This will discourage criminals from targeting your neighbourhood.

Start a Buddy System

A buddy system is a great way to ensure the safety of people in your neighbourhood. A criminal usually targets people who are alone and vulnerable. If you have a buddy with you, the criminal is less likely to approach you.

Educate Your Children About Safety

The most important thing to make your neighbourhood safer is to teach your kids safety tips. Children are vulnerable and can easily become victims of a crime. If they know how to practise safety, they can remain secure whenever they are alone.

The Bottom Line

There you have it, a few tips to keep your neighbourhood safe. It is not something that can be achieved all alone, so make sure to involve your neighbours in your efforts. Practising these safety tips will not immediately result in a crime-free neighbourhood, but if you keep at it, eventually your neighbourhood will become safer.