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Beyond Agriculture: Industrial Applications of Drainable Tanks in Molasses Handling

Agriculture is one of the main industries where molasses is used the most for different operations. So, drainable tanks for handling it are also most commonly used in that industry. But this does not mean that there are no other industrial applications of these drainable tanks. Here are a few of those applications.

The Food Industry

Molasses is a raw ingredient that is used in a lot of food products. So, storing molasses is a need in the food industry. Drainable tanks are therefore an essential part of various food processing procedures. They are not only good for storage but also for transporting the molasses. Due to being drainable, they allow the molasses to be taken out the tank easily and without any wastage.

This is extremely efficient because the process of taking out the stored molasses and transporting it for the next stage in food processing is quick and easy. Drainable tanks also ensure that the processing can be done in them itself, so that you don’t have to keep moving molasses to different stations for things like batch mixing.

Pharmaceutical Industry

Molasses is quite an important part of making medicines. It can be fermented, used as a sweetener, expicient or for added flavor. Molasses is fermented to produce vaccines, antibiotics, and more. So, it can be said that it plays a key role in the pharmaceutical industry. For such an ingredient, drainable tanks become a necessity. They provide storage and easy transportation of molasses. Since it is a thick and viscous liquid, its transportation is much easier when it’s done by draining the tanks.


Production of alcohol happens in distilleries where, as the name suggests, the distillation process takes place. Molasses is a very commonly used ingredient in alcohol distillation. It is fermented to produce ethanol. For this process to take place, the use of drainable tanks becomes extremely necessary since molasses is stored in large quantities. Fermentation and other processes can also be done in these tanks.

Waste Treatment Process

The environment has plenty of organic waste and its treatment is necessary to reduce it. Microorganisms are used in a waste treatment process for breaking down all the organic waste. Molasses is used as a food for these microorganisms. It accelerates the process by increasing their activity level, so they break down the organic matter way quicker than usual. It also promotes the growth of the bacteria that is beneficial for this waste treatment process.

Drainable tanks allow you to easily add the molasses to the process and also ensure that it is added in the right amount. Measuring molasses is necessary since adding too much or too little can affect the waste treatment process significantly.

Cosmetic Industry

The cosmetic industry is no different from any other industry when it comes to needing molasses for their various processes. Molasses is used in different forms for making cosmetics. It has proven to be extremely beneficial for products that focus on personal care, like skincare, haircare, and more. So, drainable tanks are used to precisely measure the amount to add in the processes, keep consistency in every batch, minimise wastage, etc.

The Bottom Line

These are a few of the industries aside from agriculture where drainable tanks are used for handling molasses. If you are involved in such industry, then you can Elevate Your Molasses Handling with TTI’s Drainable Tanks.