How to Increase the Number of Client Meetings with Mobile video Conferencing

Video conferencing has now become the future of the business world. At one time, Skype dominated all other applications for video conferencing, but now with the introduction of applications such as Facebook, Google Duo, WhatsApp, video calling has been made easier than ever. This shows that people are now moving towards Flexi-timing and hot desking. Most businesses now prefer using workspaces rather than renting offices. This not only saves money but also helps businesses gain higher profit margins. Businesses running on such a model usually have professional software such as mobile video conferencing solutions with Roundee readily available for their employees.

However, some businesses are still traditional and prefer doing business face to face. Many people believe that video conferencing does not have the same effect or impact as meeting someone in person does. Psychological studies have shown that human touch and interaction is a key part of a human’s social needs. So the question that arises here is that – how do we get our clients to use mobile video conferencing. It is essential that you find clients and employees that have the same mindset as yours. Interacting with clients and suppliers that have not yet modernized and have not adapted to the new ways of doing business may prove difficult for you. It is always a good idea to do business with people who have the same mindset as your as this leads to mutually beneficial business relationships. For those clients working with the traditional mindset may assume that your business or your attitude is not professional enough and you are not serious enough hence you decided to opt for something such as mobile video conferencing.

It is important that when you are hosting a mobile video conference call, make sure that you are on time, well dressed and create a good impression. This is because sometimes video conferencing may not convey your emotions and feelings as well as you would be able to do so in person. So it is important that you are congruent and able to get your message across. Also, acts, like being on time and being well dressed, will show your client your professionalism and will help them adapt to this new way of conducting meetings.

There are other important factors that should be kept in mind when doing mobile video conferencing with your current or potential clients. These include factors such as the setting you choose to conduct the call in. It is very important that there isn’t too much noise or distraction in the background.  If your setting or background is lousy, your client may think that you are not eager enough or do not care enough to make an effort which can easily result in losing clients. This is why it is best to always choose a clean and clear setting with no loud noises or distractions.