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How to Prepare Your Workplace for the 2nd Wave of the Virus?

2020 did not prove to be a very pleasant year for the entire world. Everyone lost someone or something due to the pandemic that attacked almost every country in this world. While the effects of the virus have faded out in many countries, experts fear a second wave if we do not choose to stay cautious. This can be possible as previous pandemics also had several waves.

In such circumstances, it is important for all workplaces to prepare well in advance because not all organizations can stick to the work-from-home regime forever. You will also make your employees happy by ensuring their safety. We have some effective tips you can follow to tackle the next wave without facing the same consequences all over again.

  1. Encourage Social Distancing

The cases in your country might be slowing down, but social distancing is here to stay for long to lower down the chances of a second wave. It should be made mandatory for everyone in the office to maintain a good distance with each other and if possible, do not encourage meetings with lots of participants in one room. Close proximity should be discouraged under all circumstances.

  • Improve Ventilation

The chances of catching the virus indoors are greater because the droplets linger in the air for longer especially when ventilation is poor. Your office premises should have an excellent ventilation system so the respiratory droplets can quickly find a way out with the flow of air. Make use of a humidifier as it also helps with tackling the virus in the air.

  • Time Off for Sick Employees

Encourage sick employees to work from home to contain the spread of the virus. They might tell you that it’s just a normal flu, but no, you don’t have to believe any such statements because we have already seen the after-effects of our carelessness. Some of them might feel reluctant to take a day off due to the fear of being laid off, but that’s on you to give them reassurance. The decision is in favor of everyone working in the office.

  • Make Sanitizers Accessible for All

Washing your hands frequently is declared super important by the World Health Organization. However, it gets difficult to do so when working in offices as it is practically impossible to get up and wash hands. As a solution, you can put sanitizers on all workstations so the employees can sanitize their hands without any inconvenience. Make sure they are accessible for all employees, otherwise it will defeat the entire purpose.

  • Display Infographics in Different Corners of the Workplace

Holding meetings and briefing employees on the importance of precautionary measures to prevent the virus does not sound very practical either. It is going to be a one-time thing and some of them might not even pay attention to it. Also, it is time consuming. Display small posters and infographics on different parts of the office. Educate your employees about the symptoms and prevention techniques. It will be easier to register information when the visuals will be constantly in front of their eyes. Above all, make disinfection principles for dealing with COVid-19 again.

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