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Top 5 Interior Design Trends For 2020

Decorating your house the way you want it to be can often be tricky and confusing. You get lost in so many ideas of what to put on your walls or what furniture to buy that you barely remember what exactly you had in mind or had perceived for it to look like. Every year, a new trend allows itself to surface around and often stays for a long time. To make things easy for you, we are going to list down five great interior design trends for 2020.

  1. Wallpaper

While decorating your house, the first thing you tend to notice is the colour of your walls. There is a variety of colors to choose from but, talking about the trending elements, wallpapers have played a great role. Instead of coloring your walls, people these days are buying pretty and elegant wallpapers for their houses. These wallpapers are trendy and can make your house look beautiful in every way possible.

  • Monochromes

2020 is all about experimenting and who wouldn’t like to experiment a little on their house? Be it a pale or bold colour, monochrome your rooms walls, furniture, fabrics and floors in the same colour especially if you are one of those who loves to try new things. Definitely play and explore bold colours, but if bold is something that bothers you then perhaps go for a simple beige, grey or white shade. Black and white can also be a combo you could try.

  • Vintage

If you’re a collector, you surely would have gotten your eyes on some antique pieces which you thought would look excellent in your living room. Now is the time to get your hands on them! A new living room with vintage pieces can do wonders to your living space. Mixing up old and new furniture can also make your house beautiful and trendy.

  • All White

An all white house is a dream for every living person. From white doors to white furniture, you can now renovate your house without thinking twice. This all white theme will give your house a dramatic look without trying too hard.

  • Mirrors and Plants

Mirrored accessories, furniture, lamps and a lot more could be explored in this aspect. This trend of putting mirrors all around your house is not new nor does it ever go out of style. Make your house green by putting real plants inside and take your housing space to another level. A simple house with mirrors and plants can alone give definition to your house without overdoing it.

If you’re finding it hard enough to pull all off this together, you can always contact an interior designer such as JKBD design + property development. Make your house a living dream without thinking twice. These new trends will make your house look beautiful and trendy and you certainly won’t regret it. However, do ensure that while you’re at it, you take complete precautions for COVID-19 because health is always the first priority.