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10 Things Not to Do When Renting a Car

Renting a car, whether you are on vacation or for daily travelling, can be a little pricey. There are many car renting service providers that can make your travelling easy whenever you need, but sometimes it can be unsettling, and if service providers persistently ask you to buy more of their services, you can get easily aggravate you. It feels good to rent a good model, especially when the prices are affordable. But still, there are some things that you need to take care of before renting a car, such as fare estimates, prepay requirements, etc.

Let’s discuss ten things which you should not do when you are going for long term car rental in Melbourne

1.  Whether or Not To prepay for Gasoline

For easy travelling, we see it as a better option to prepay for gasoline so that we don’t miss our flight if in case we run out of gas in the middle. Rental companies have come up with this option to prepay for gasoline, and they are determined to make you avail it. If you are sure that your trip will use all the fuel and empty the tank or you have an early flight that will save you from refuelling, do not go for this option. Moreover, it is not as simple as it seems, they charge you more for refuelling than it will actually cost you if you do it yourself.

2.  Forgetting to Find A Gas Station

Find an affordable gas station as close to the rental agency as possible so that when you return the car, you can get it refuelled quickly and return in with maximum fuel level. When you are in a hurry, you do not want to roam around looking for a nearby gas station and waste more of your time.

3.  Do Not Ignore Upgrade Offers

Do not reserve a low-priced car and then look for upgrades; it might cost you a lot for actually nothing. Go for larger cars and then ask if there’s an upgrade offer. There’s a chance that you might find a large car with good and affordable offers within your budget.

4.  Choosing the Wrong Car

Never forget to book a car that fits all your family members and your luggage well. Make sure to check how many seats does the car has and if it has enough space to carry all your luggage too. Some car rental agencies even ask you about the number of people, luggage and suggest the cars accordingly.

5.  Do Not Delay in Booking

Rent a car ahead of time. It can save you from last-minute emergency bookings at higher rates. It is better to book a car at the same time when you book your flights or appointments. When you have all your schedule planned out, it is better not to wait. You will find cars at affordable prices.

6.  Car Insurance Mystery

Be prepared when you go to any car rental agency because they’ll start discussing car insurance. There are many options to select from, so it is better to read about car insurance plans before you stand there deadpan and clueless.

7.  Do Not Miss Thorough Inspection

Save yourself from trouble can do a thorough inspection of the car before you pick it up from the agency. Check every detail and make sure that it’s safe to drive. So that you don’t get charged for the damage that you haven’t done.

8.  Not Confirming Pickup Location

Imagine continuously calling to know where your car is when you are already at the location you told them, but it turns out, it wasn’t the location they knew about. So It is better to decide the pickup location to save yourself from an annoying situation. Sometimes you will have to wait in a waiting room.

9.  Choosing An Unreliable Rental Service

It is better to choose a reliable agency, one with good reviews, to make your travelling experience better. A reliable car rental service will provide their customers with quality services, and it will be worth your money.

10.  Don’t Forget To Check Car’s Status

Never ignore to check the status of the car, such as its papers, details, any damage that the car already has. Make sure that every detail is listed in the documents that you receive from the rental agency.