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Planning Your Brochures to Maximize Sales Message & Generate Leads

Even in this digital era, brochures are a useful tool to maximize sales and generate leads. Here are some simple tips on how to do that:

1.  The Headline

The headline is your golden chance to grab the reader’s attention and lure him to look inside the brochure for more information so that you can convince those interested in your service that you are the right choice.

An interesting headline that clearly states your message about what your customer cares about generates the engagement that you want. Your customers decide whether your service or products are valuable for them when they see your headline. This is why it is imperative that you focus on the headline more than your company logo or graphics when creating your brochure.

Tip: think of the problem that you are solving for the customer, then turn your solution into a catchy headline.

2.  Create Interest and Curiosity

Think about ways to discuss your customer’s points of interest. Talk about the features and benefits of your product or service. Provide answers to questions such as: “How have we helped our past customers through our products or services?”

You can also include customer testimonials because that helps to build the trust of the potential customers by providing them with social proof that your service or product works to provide the results that you are promising. It is also recommended that you highlight just 2 to 4 products, and not more than that so that you don’t end up confusing and losing your potential customers.

3.  Understand the Needs of Your Customers

Study your customers by noting the questions that they keep asking, their concerns and problems and the solutions that they are seeking in their life or business. Use their questions as guides in your brochures. You can answer the three most common question in the form of bulleted points.

When you have the needs and the desired outcomes of your customers figured out, you can present your service or products as the solution in your brochure. Remember, your customer won’t choose you if you fail to convince them that they need your product or service and that you can help them meet their needs.

4.  Be Clear in Asking for You Need

Check all the boxes off this checklist:

  • Present an interesting headline.
  • Create interest by briefly describing the solution that you are offering.
  • Establish a need for your product or service.
  • Answer questions regarding the most pressing concerns of the customers as well as about why your business is the right choice.
  • Demonstrate your value by providing social proof through client testimonials from satisfied and happy customers.

Once you have made sure that you have completed the steps mentioned above, you can move on to the most important step – including a call to action (CTA). This can be added in a clear manner in a noticeable area on the inside of your brochure or the top right corner on the inside. A clear and effective CTA can save your customers from any confusion and guides them towards the next step to convert from a potential customer to a customer.

After making sure that have optimized the usefulness of your brochure through these tips, you can choose a good printing service. You can look for printing services that have offers such as cheap printing at Half Price Printing for bulk orders.