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Selling your car? Seven things you need to do first

Have you decided to upgrade to a new car? You will probably need to get rid of your current car. If you want to sell your car, you need to make sure that it is well presented so that you can get the best possible price for it.

To help you, we have list seven tips that will boost the chances of you getting the results that you desire:

1.  Clean it up

Make sure that your car is sparkling clean before you proceed to show it to people or take photos of it. Remove any personal items and rubbish. Check under the seats and empty the boot. Remember the clean the engine bay as well. Make sure that your car doesn’t have any loose items that may be causing rattling noises.

2.  Get a detailed service, and a cut & polish

If your car is worn out, you may need to do more than just cleaning it thoroughly. A details service will ensure that your car looks its best on both the inside and the outside. A cut and polish can remove any scuff marks, minor scratches, or baked-on bird-poo.

3.  Minor repairs

Spend some time checking your car thoroughly for any areas that may require repairs. Check for any bald patches, uneven wear or low tread depth. Make sure that your tires are in fair condition. If there are any problems with your windscreen wiper blades or any broken or loos fixtures inside the car, get them fixed if it is possible within an affordable budget. It is also wise to ensure that the fluids under the car’s bonnet are topped up and clean. Also, if your car not registered or roadworthy, figure out how to take care of that.

4.  Check the paperwork

Find out about the official requirements for the paperwork according to your state or territory before you advertise the car for sale. Educate yourself regarding all the regulations that are relevant to you and make sure that you comply with them. You can also request your service centre to provide you with a statement of service history, which is great for showing potential buyers that your car has been well maintained.

5.  Know what it’s worth

You can easily find out what your car is worth by using an online tool for valuation, such as Otherwise, you can check other cars, which are similar in features such as model and year, to see how much they are being sold for so that you can estimate your own car’s worth.

6.  Take quality photos

You can easily take some quality photos of your car using your mobile phone. Choose a nice location like a rooftop carpark or a quiet street, and multiple good angles. It is better if you utilize natural lighting, especially in the early morning or evening (avoid harsh sunlight because it creates shadows and glare.)

7.  Write a winning listing spiel

Be honest and accurate while describing your car when you are writing the spiel that goes with the listing. While you should highlight the positive things, don’t oversell. As for the shortcoming, be honest, but there’s no need to be brutally blunt.

Of course, if you need help with any of these steps, you can get Done Deal Australia to help you out. Good luck!